Ironclad Alliance works for our Youth

Our mission is to plant seeds in the upcoming generation and create new paths and opportunities.

Ironclad believes the key to a better world lies in every child, and every child is capable of achieving great things when given the right resources,

Unfortunately, we know that is not the case for most, and so our goal is to provide those opportunities. We aim to keep kids off the streets and focus their time and energy into positive activities like sports and the lifting lifestyle. Both of which teaches kids valuable traits like discipline, hard work, and dedication.

 With every shirt and accessory sold, Ironclad is able to help the youth, pay for gym memberships, sports enrollment fees, competition fees, and much more!

Ironclad Alliance is a group weightlifting and powerlifting individuals that are highly competitive, hard working, and most importantly a family. 

We are simply a small group of people working to make a difference

Ironclad Alliance only exists because of the support YOU provide!